About focus360

focus360 helps companies win new business.


Where strategy meets execution. The right sales system and the right skills set have never been more critical to ensure that sales and marketing organizations reach high performance. 

Competitive advantage is achieved not just through innovative products and edgy brands. It requires effective selling skills and high-impact storytelling.

We provide sales systems, improve sales processes and embed best practices in tactical selling skills.

Buyers today don’t want your salespeople to push them through your sales process. They want trusted advisors who pull them through their purchasing process. 

We’ve helped companies of all sizes – Fortune 500, SMEs and start-ups – win new business and keep it.

If selling is like falling in love, your lover wants you to spark interest, then listen, ask great questions, listen some more, and build a solution together. Dollars, euros, francs, pounds… they are not your number one currency. Trust is. 

Sometimes it’s tough love, but it must always be buyer-focused. This doesn’t happen by chance.

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Here’s an example.

One day I found myself in a third meeting with a Chief Marketing Officer of a major financial firm, which looked like it was about to become a new client.

As we tweaked the dates and delivery, it seemed like this was a deal.

But then, the CEO walked by the meeting room. He recognized me, as the CMO had gotten the budget approved in principle, and the CEO knew the CMO would be concluding the deal that afternoon.

The CEO entered the meeting room without a knock.

I could hardly say, “Nice to meet you,” before he got right down to brass tacks.

“Jack, you have no experience in our industry. Why should we hire you?”

I could have squeaked, “Oh, but I’m a fast learner. And I promise to keep learning. I’ll be ok, really!”

But that would have positioned me not as an equal, but as a sales dog. And I don’t like table scraps.

Instead I said, “You’re right, I don’t. You do.”

The CEO didn’t expect this, but I had established a level playing field. He paused, so I continued.

“My job isn’t to be a portfolio manager. Your team already does that, and their portfolio performance, as I understand it, is very good.

“I have researched other things about your firm. Your team doesn’t need more hard skills about the products, and I don’t, either. Your team needs soft skills. They have has big gaps in building trust with prospects. You guys are pushing product more than you are building trusting relationships. And it seems like your sales success is under-performing your portfolio success.”

He nodded.

“There are tactical skills for doing this, and the team doesn’t have them. They’re all over the place. They don’t have a sales system. Why should prospects trust you guys after a first meeting?”

The CEO shrugged.

“Let me ask you a few more questions…”

Now I was not only on the same level, as a peer with the CEO, I was getting him to answer questions of critical importance to his firm’s sales effectiveness, and his customer’s buyer behavior.

I could have told him the same things, but since it was coming out of his mouth, he. And he was motivated to fix it!

He looked at the CMO and said, “This guy knows more about our buyer behavior than we do.”

“And I don’t know portfolio management,” I laughed.

# # #

I don’t have to be an expert in your products to help you understand your buyers’ behavior.

Since 2004, focus360 has helped scores of companies better understand their buyers’ behavior specifically, and buyer behaviour generally. We assess the specific skills gaps, design tailor-made sales systems, and embed skills that help sales teams build buyer trust and win new business.

We help your sales team earn the status of trusted advisor in your buyers’ minds.  And we help you buyers fall in love with you.

A Sale Is A Love Affair.

Love more. Sell more.