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Welcome… and Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Welcome… and Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Wow!¬† What a ride it’s been.¬† The near meltdown of the past¬†24 months, and the break-neck speed¬†of the information age over the past¬†20-some years.¬† Some mornings I wake up and don’t know whether to fasten my seat belt or…

…hit the eject button!

This blog is for everybody in sales,¬†but especially for those professionals who have left the corporate world¬†for whatever reason and are starting their own businesses or joining small start-ups.¬† They feel like experts in their technical area, but now have to sell… or die.¬† That’s one half of this Brave New World of Sales.

The other half is the marketplace.¬† The buyers,¬†the prospective clients.¬† They’re scared right now, and probably will be for some time, with downsizing all around them and not a lot of alternatives in the job market.¬†¬†One thing they do have is a lot of information, but not always a lot of time or capacity to interpret it all.¬† Your initiatives with them¬†may have to go through multiple decision-makers.¬† Unlike the movie, The Matrix, your buyer might not always be willing to “show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”¬† That’s the Scary New World your buyer faces… and just part of what today’s entrepreneurs and Brave New Salespeople must deal with.

Let’s talk about how to successfully bridge this gap.¬† Let’s talk about “Selling in the Brave New World.”


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