Creative Process

The Student’s Prayer

The Student’s Prayer goes something like this:

“Oh teacher, please don’t sit me down in front of you and try to fill my head with what’s already in yours.

“Instead, let me stand on your shoulders and find my own horizons.”

It’s a classic example of how to foster creativity.

No one is creative alone.

Indeed, the most creative people generate their most creative stuff when they’re alone. That’s not a contradiction.

The generation of creative content almost always follows moments, perhaps even hours, of analysis and new perspectives.

Very often, it’s a result of robust conversations.

Those “naturally creative people” merely have a methodology. They might not know it, but they have one. Perhaps they learned it young, or perhaps they developed it.

And therein lies the key.

Creativity can be developed.

It can also be facilitated, counter-intuitively, in a structured process. And it’s most valuable when it solves a problem or leverages an opportunity.

Many creative people don’t not even recognize their structure or process.

Maybe you won’t either.

But we can get real creative and make things happen in your business.

Let’s have a robust conversation about it.

# # #

Photo by Leio McLaren.