You’ve Got Magic

You’ve got great stuff.

You’ve got a great product.

You’ve got thought leadership.

You can save the world and add awesome value to people’s businesses and lives.

But you aren’t generating new business at the rate you need to ensure your success.

You aren’t selling effectively.

Instinct vs. Craft

Movie producer Ron Howard recently said something about filmmaking that equally applies to selling.

“We all have instincts,” Howard said. “But in order to succeed, we have to back up those instincts with something called ‘craft.’”


Best practices, skills and methodology, the right methodology for your marketplace.

With the right sales method and skills…

… you won’t have to change your personality. You can enhance it.

You’ll gain confidence in your process… in your craft… and this will become a virtuous cycle.

Your job is not to “sell” prospects anything. Your job is to bring them to a mental and emotional space where they sell themselves, where they decide to buy… from you.

With The S.C.O.R.E© Selling Method, you won’t push your prospects through your sale. You’ll pull them through their purchase.

They’ll buy more often… from you.

You’re one click away from building a solution…

… that will have you selling more effectively, as a team or individually.

It’s your call.

So call.

Let’s go S.C.O.R.E© new business.

# # #

Photo by Almos Bechtold.