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Great conferences and events not only have great speakers and protagonists, they also have Chairs, Moderators or MC’s that are fully prepared and engaging. ¬†

In November 2010, Jack was the Chair of European Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest in Barcelona.  

For the first time ever, the Contest Chair warmed up the audience with two minutes of humor, poking good fun at the Catalans/Barcelonés.  Jack then held a tight competition, followed by a warm, professional interview session with each of the contestants and the award ceremony.

Irina Kremin of KGS Global was in the audience in Barcelona.  She immediately hired Jack for various KGS conferences, such as B2B Social in Amsterdam and InnoCos Digital in New York.

“Jack’s delivery is so smooth, partly because he simply enjoys himself on stage, but also because his preparation is second-to-none. ¬†There are never any awkward moments between speakers or coffee breaks. ¬†

“Weeks before each conference, he reaches out to the speakers, establishes great rapport and confirms their introduction points.

“If there are ever any small, logistic problems, Jack adjusts quickly. ¬†Once, when our next speaker was in the WC, Jack seamlessly shifted and held an informal yet relevant survey with the audience. ¬†I later learned that he had that survey in his ‘back pocket’ for just such a moment.”

Jack also hosts and curates TEDxZug and TEDxLuzern (both in Switzerland; he’s planning TEDxWoodstock). ¬†Not only does Jack prepare himself for the hosting role, he curates the program and works with each speaker to move their TEDx Talks from good to great.

“I simply get a buzz watching many interesting people with great content bring it to a higher level in their structure and delivery. ¬†Oh, and I get a buzz hosting, too. ¬†A real buzz.”

Jack’s has MC’d corporate Christmas parties and 25th wedding anniversaries alike.

“The best way to get the audience to have an enjoyable experience is for me to enjoy it!”

Contact Jack to see how he can bring your event from good to great.