“The best sales training we’ve ever seen. The week following their two-day workshop on S.C.O.R.E© Selling Skills, I had two solid advances with new prospects that I would not have achieved otherwise, and within a month I’ve done a deal that probably would not have happened.”

~ Ipsos MORI

“Much of our vocabulary around our sales process has changed since working with Jack. That in turn has change our actions. Each of our salespeople feels that the sales training has resulted in at least one major deal per team member. The impact is real.”

~ Celador International

“This is really the best sales learning I’ve ever had in sales. Simple. Clear. Easy to apply. Really great, Jack!”

~ Alpari

“Jack, that was amazing. The storytelling that resonates with the customer journey is so clear, and it resonated with me.
Your tools for pulling the buyer through their purchase is really effective. Your whole approach gave me the tools and, additionally, the confidence to develop my business.
Thanks so much for your generosity.”

~ Startup CEO