Poems for Lovers, Poems With Friends

Poems For Lovers, Poems With Friends

Have you ever lost your breath when some cutie stepped onto the train… and smiled at you?

Have you ever wondered if Mary Magdalene was a wise – and promiscuous – faith healer?

Have you ever imagined that a torrential thunderstorm is just Mother Nature… having wild sex?

I have.

And then I put together an eclectic mix of 17 poets that include a Latin Grammy nominee, an award-winning Twitter poet, a change management executive, a lawyer, an author, a self-employed mom – all with a deep side, and some with a deep side that our neighbors haven’t seen. Until now.

We’re out of the closet and on to the page.

We’re literally from all over the world. While many of us live far away from our homelands, we each feel intimately connected to humanity.

While our poems are mostly in English, we couldn’t resist seducing you with some fiery passion in Spanish, some soul-searching in German, a touch of longing in Russian and a hint of mystery in Arabic.

We’re longing to share with you the bitter and the sweet, the icy and the steamy, the cute and the meaningful, the urban and the erotic – all wrapped up in that timeless and universal driver of the human condition: love.

So light a candle, pour a glass of wine and, if you’re into it, put on some sexy underwear.

Let’s take a walk on the poetic side.

# # #

Poems For Lovers, Poems With Friends is an anthology of contemporary love poems by Jack Vincent, with contributions from 16 other poets.

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