Strategic Poet

SCORE Selling Method

“You’re a poet, man!”

That’s what one of Jack’s clients called him, a poet in a business suit.

It was Jack’s approach to everything strategic.

It was human.

Jack often jokes, “My first love was writing. Then I hit puberty, and it was all downhill after that.”

It wasn’t puberty per se, although that may have contributed, and it wasn’t really downhill.

It was deeper, with all those other things that follow puberty. Romance. University. Career. Relationships.

Human relationships.

They’re at the center of everything we do, and at the center of that is the human condition.

That’s where the wisdom lies.

Intelligence is knowing others. Wisdom is knowing thyself.
– Lao Tzu

“I love that quote,” Jack says, “because, paradoxically, to know one’s self is to know humanity from the inside… and it helps us sell more effectively. It helps us persuade and influence others.”

Numbers and results matter. Yet if we seek to lead people, influence people, persuade people, we need to focus on the human condition.

Strategy and execution are most effective when they have people at the center. So is sales performance.

Business performance.

We have to balance the hard skills and the soft skills.

You want to tell a business story? Start with the most fundamental tools of literature, but keep it in the context of the business, and you’ll grab people’s hearts as you feed their minds.

You want to lead people to the promised land? Start by articulating a vision, then encourage them to contribute. Their commitment will be deeper.

You want to sell somebody something? Don’t push them through your sale. Pull them through their purchase.

The human condition is undeniable.

It’s at the root of all of Jack’s work, even sales training and strategic planning.

No wonder Jack’s been called a poet in a business suit.

Although lately, he’s lost the suit.

Want to book an appointment?

You suggest the attire. The conversation will be dynamic.

# # #

Photo by Joseph Pisani.