When reality hits

The universe?

“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Sorry, that’s bullshit. And it’s so disempowering.

Paolo Coelho sold a lot of books with that famous quote in it, but he never helped anybody close their first deal, let alone make their first pitch.

A Facebook friend posted that very quote about three years ago and, with that, he announced that he was setting up his new business as a public speaking coach.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you. On Friday, I gave notice at my job, and…”

He was, indeed, a good public speaker and a great public speaking coach. He had coached TEDx speakers and helped two marketing types prepare for conference keynotes. He was valuable.

But selling his dream was another story.

Six months after believing the universe was going to conspire to help himr, he was sending out his CV.

He hadn’t sold successfully.

It’s a tough world out there.

Maybe as a solopreneur, you feel that buzz as you set up your home office and super-charge your LinkedIn profile.

Or as a startup, you’ve defined your brand and you’re generating leads, as you move into coworking space.

Or as an established company, you launch a new product and your salespeople take it to a new segment, a new market.

That early stage is exciting.

Independence. Empowerment. Expectation.

At first, it’s a bit tougher than you thought.

Then, it’s a lot tougher than you thought.

You have tough competition, and sometimes it’s not even from a company like yours; it’s from within the buyer’s organization.

Maybe it’s not fatal, but you know you’re behind where you need to be.

Deep inside, you know you’re not optimizing.

With all your marketing and development and business plans, deep inside, you know you’re not selling to your full potential.

If you had a sales methodology, and if you had the related tactical skills, those headwinds would be tailwinds.

Denial Is Not A River in Egypt

When reality hits, you have choices, of course.

You can keep doing what you’re doing. You can do more social media. You go to more networking events.

But until you optimise your selling methodology, those lead funnels and networking efforts won’t be optimised.

By all means, do your marketing.

But don’t leave your selling methodology and skills to chance.

Your business success depends on your sales success.

Let’s discuss how you can sell more effectively and win new business.