focus360 Media Ventures

focus360 Media Ventures partners with creative talent to deliver killer content.

Creativity can be elusive. It can be a bumpy road and, all too often, with a dead end.

But when shit gets done, it’s a road worth traveling.

Nobody can do it alone. You can’t. We can’t.

That’s why focus360 loves working with talented people to get creative stuff done… and delivered.

Whether you’re shooting for the big screen or building your brand, we’d love to talk.

Maybe you want to create an ad for your funnel but, before making that investment, need to make sure it will hit the mark, that it can be produced with top quality.

Maybe your screenplay needs to be tightened up.

Maybe you have a heart-stopping idea that is stalled because it needs a killer premise or a logline, or structured plot so that the story stays on course.

Maybe you’re looking for new material in the areas of drama, thrillers or comedy.

We’ve got screenplays ready to be reviewed, yet we can act as script doctors on yours.

We can bring together directors, photography and video, artists, actors.

And we can help you market it.

In fact, we ain’t too proud to say it: you can help us, too. We can help each other. Yin Yang rules the universe.

We’re just aching to talk about where you are and where you want to go. You’ve got creative stuff that you’re dying to drive forward. Let’s make it killer.

Let’s make it happen.