Brand Storytelling

You got this, right?

You know why Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t apply to your business. Right?

Because it doesn’t. End of story.

Oh, wait.

Plot twist.

Maybe it applies to your customer’s story.

Maybe your customers have a big bad wolf waiting for them as they walk home from Grandma’s house.

What big teeth you have!

While many gurus say, “Tell stories,” most of them don’t tell you how.

The best stories, yes, even business stories, have a main character like Little Red Riding Hood.

Or Harry Potter.

Or Neo.

Or Luke Skywalker.

If you dismiss this because that’s too fictional, you’re missing a big opportunity. I’m not here to propose telling fairy tales in the board room.

I’m here to propose, to insist, using the tools of the great writers.

If you’re selling and using a case study, a success story, a story, to persuade someone to move forward with you, here’s one big lesson:

You are not the hero. Your customer is.

But you play a valuable role and, yes, this is also right out of literature.

You are the mentor.

And this is where the value is. Being the mentor is why heroes and heroines will hire you.

Do your customers have wolves knocking at door?

Let’s talk. Tell me your story.

# # #

Photo by John Allen.