“We need closers!”

The CEO’s voice was raspy, confident, as he scratched his two-day beard. “We need closers.”

“Yeah, we need you to help them in their closing skills,” the CMO concurred.

Guess what. They didn’t need closing skills.

We did an assessment that started that afternoon and went through the next day. Two days later, the entire team had an online survey to fill out.

A week later, as they reviewed the five-page assessment outline…

“You don’t need closing skills.”

“Your people are pretty good, actually, very good at closing.”

This was a London media and programming firm with some well-known brands. The business was fast, and these people knew how to say, “Charlie, we’re going live Thursday. Let me know by the end of today.”

Their problem was earlier in the sale, in the discovery process.

The C-Suite were a bit surprised, but also happy that they didn’t chuck some money at a non-problem. They didn’t train for the wrong thing.

We went forward with a one-day workshop, but we focused on tactical questioning and co-solution building.

They saved a lot of money.

And we didn’t waste the time of a lot of salespeople.

And they closed more business.

Assessments are worth their weight in gold.

Let’s talk about how we can get you selling more effectively, quickly and efficiently.