S.C.O.R.E© Workshops

Your team is bright and driven.

Many of them have good skills.

But are they consistently good?

Is their sales methodology at the same high level across the team? Are their selling skills consistently high?

Sure, they get training on the product.

But do they have a process for tactically driving customer conversations? Do they bring your customers to a mental and emotional space where they sell themselves, where they decide to buy… from you?

How about your competitors? Are they skilled at customer-focused selling?

Because if they are and you aren’t, you’re at a disadvantage!

A skilled sales team is a competitive advantage.

A skilled sales team is a competitive advantage.

Would you win more business if you brought everyone on your sales team up to the same skill level… a level that’s better than your competitors?

The S.C.O.R.E© Selling Method fits most every B2B and B2C selling dynamic.

Jack can roll out S.C.O.R.E© in a one-day workshop, or he can modify it to create a model that custom fits your product and, more importantly, your marketplace.

Here’s the essence of S.C.O.R.E©

The S.C.O.R.E© Selling Method:
Five Key Steps to Selling More Effectively

  • S: SCOPE
    • Opening with your Scope, then moving swiftly into the Scope of their business/lives.
    • This isn’t to challenge the prospect, but to explore the prospect’s challenges in a deep dive… that builds trust.
    • The prospect’s desired outcomes; it helps you gain buy-in by getting the prospect to “co-own” the solution.
    • Resistance is to be expected. It’s human and it’s healthy, and it works to your advantage if you navigate skillfully here.
    • Obtaining commitment is the critical moment when you most need to retain and strengthen your hard-earned trust.

With S.C.O.R.E© you won’t push prospects through your sale. You’ll pull them through their purchase.

You’ll leverage your competitive advantage in your product and service, right through to sales execution.

Remember, your team’s job…

… is not to sell to customers.

Their job is to bring customers to an emotional and rational place where they decide to buy.

Help your customers decide to buy… from you.

Let’s talk.

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