Sales Advisory and Consulting

TEDx Lugano 14 by MarianBader-0389 copyWe believe in simplicity, so here it is: we help you and your team sell more effectively.

We assess your sales operations, then custom-design solutions that drive your top-line.

We’ve designed and implemented 18-month programs for global sales teams, as well as provided half-day workshops on storytelling for CEO’s pitching investors.

Here are a few areas where we can help your team:

Sales Training
“Jack’s materials were perfect for our needs, and his facilitation was high-energy, high-engagement and very sticky!”
Presentations are important elements of the sales process, but they are just one component. Tactical questioning, handling objections, getting the buyer to contribute to the next steps, negotiating… these are all areas where best practices will give you a competitive advantage.

Sales Coaching
Between workshops, I work with your teams on a one-on-one basis. We focus on their real sales challenges and opportunities in an confidential environment that ensures trust and candor.

Pitch Workouts
Our clients have never regretted over-rehearsing for a big meeting with a big prospect.  When you meet an important prospect, “winging it” is your biggest enemy.

High-Impact Presentations
“I was preparing for a conference, and thought I had a pretty good presentation. Then I worked with Jack, and I had a high-impact presentation… in both content and delivery. I walked onto the stage smiling, and I could feel the audience ready for take-off before I even opened my mouth.”

Storytelling is a relatively hot concept in business… because it works! This is not about Mother Goose. This is about being memorable to your audience or your team in a way that motivates them. The Hero’s Journey is not just for The Matrix.

Leadership In A Commercial Environment
Sales Management matters, and we can help you there. But it’s my firmest belief that the real game-changer is leadership. We helped Synthes develop a cadre of leaders in key markets three years before they sold to J&J for gazillions. Most of the Synthes management team stayed in place, or moved upward, after the acquisition.

Email me to set up a phone call or meeting, and I’ll be happy to go into more detail, while also learning about your sales goals, challenges and opportunities. You can also contact me here.