The Essence

SCORE Selling Method

Jack’s weird.

And he’s ok with it.

He finds joy and strategic insights with it.

In his 2019 TEDx Talk, I Want To Die A Slow Death, Jack said, “You are at your most genius, your most unique and your most valuable when you embrace your inner weirdo.

He comes from a weird place, too — somewhere between Strategy and Poetry — a place called Paradox.

“Paradox. This is a creatively dynamic zone,” he insists. “And this is where our most motivating stuff comes from.”

Jack often pulls over while driving, takes a break while working out at the gym, lowers the heat while cooking, to tap notes into his mobile phone.

“Those weird twinges that pop through your mind?” he says. “Those are the most brilliant ones, the ones that solve the biggest problems, that seize the biggest opportunities.

“But you have to capture them, lest they vanish.”

In fact, he writes both… strategy and poetry.

His most creative content comes while he’s alone, but, he insists, it always comes after robust conversations with dynamic people.

“The true artist, creator, producer, is less interested in impressing and is more interested in sharing,” he says. “In fact, they’re obsessed.”

Isn’t that what the really best business people are?

Are you obsessed in getting your messaging right, your lead generation right, your sales process right?

Ready for a robust conversation?