Story Warriors #018:  Gregg Robins: Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

Story Warriors #018:
Gregg Robins: Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today

Gregg Robins On Living Messy Lives & Getting Through Hard Times

“I found myself out of work, in America, having just had a family tragedy, having had a national tragedy, and I had to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life.”

Gregg Robins, left a high-flying career at Citibank Switzerland, moved his family back to the States to be close to his dying father, when 9-11 took the wind out of his sails.

“It was very, very frustrating,” he reflects. “When you feel like you’re under-utilized, and you have all these things to offer the world, and the world is not buying… that’s a tough place to be in.”

Gregg has come to realize he’s not alone.

Nor are we.

“Everybody I talk to seems to have these bumps in the road,” he says.

“I think we all live messy lives, and I think we should rejoice in that and not photoshop our lives.”

Gregg rejoices by telling stories.

He’s a storyteller at heart, and he’s got the street cred to prove it.

He dropped out of high school in New York before a guidance counsellor slapped some sense into him.

After he rebuilt his career in finance, he ended his marriage, and he didn’t see his children for three years.

He’s an outlier! Silenzio’s an outlier!

Gregg’s just finished a children’s book, Silenzio, Sound The Alarm! about an alarm clock that has a flaw. His conscience. Silenzio has too much empathy to wake people from their sleep.

He’s an outlier! Will Swiss boarding school for clocks help him do his job?

Gregg’s long been a singer-songwriter who who brings hope to our everyday lives.

In this episode of Story Warriors, Gregg sings an uplifting song we could all use in this trying year, Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day.

He also shares with us his secrets to creativity and word crafting.

But rather than talk about how he writes, Gregg prefers to talk about why he writes, which is something we can also use within… our messy lives.

It’s all on this episode of Story Warriors, the podcast for crafting great stories.

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