Story Warriors #007:  Josep’s Trip to Heaven and Hell and Back, COVID-19

Story Warriors #007:
Josep’s Trip to Heaven and Hell and Back, COVID-19

“When the doctor came into the emergency room dressed like an astronaut, that’s when it became clear. I had COVID-19.”

It got worse from there. Much worse.

“When I tried to take air into my lungs and it didn’t get there, I knew… this was a very serious moment,” Josep said of what he was feeling in Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.

“What I had was fear, fear seeing that this was my place.”

Check out Josep’s harrowing trip to heaven and hell and back on this week’s episode of Story Warriors.

“Life threatening, I knew it. But I fought. I fought! I was not willing to accept that possibility. That was not in my plan. Not!”

Josep found hope in a place he had not expected.

“Somewhere you have to ask for help. And if the medical professionals can’t provide that type of help, somewhere you have to ask for it.

“That’s the last resort. That’s the mystical resort.”

His brush with death also connected him with his childhood hero, a character from a story most Europeans grew up with as kids.

After all of this, he’s found renewal. Be it consciously or through the power of story, Josep is determined to live like that character.

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Photo by Josep Loaso