Story Warriors #009:  The Beatles 2.0, Character-Driven Stories & Why “Blackbird” Matters

Story Warriors #009:
The Beatles 2.0, Character-Driven Stories & Why “Blackbird” Matters

One morning in 1965, John walked into the recording studio at Abbey Road and had a confession to make to Paul.

What happened after that was a song and a story that defined the times and marked the beginning of the end of Beatles 1.0.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, this was the halfway point of pop music. That morning, the future that we’re living in today was born.

That album, Rubber Soul, launched Lennon and McCartney into an incredible four years of songwriting and storytelling that was character-driven and a full reboot, Beatles 2.0.

Turn up the volume… and join me on this musical journey and storytelling odyssey of the Beatles’ four prolific years of 1965 to 1969.

We’re going to go deep into the social narratives of the day. We’re going to see how some of the quirky characters that John and Paul crafted turned these narratives into heart-grabbing stories.

We’re going to learn why Paul sees Blackbird as a timeless struggle, but one which must endure, especially now.

Oh, yeah. I sing a few verses, too. Don’t worry, I keep it short… and I won’t quit my day job.

Check it out on this week’s episode of Story Warriors, the podcast for crafting great stories.

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