The New Disruptive Marketing: Twitter Tongue Twister

The New Disruptive Marketing: Twitter Tongue Twister


I’m a big fan of Twitter for a number of reasons I won’t go in to here.  But like any new technology, or new medium, there’s a lot I don’t like about it.

And that is, how some people use it.  I bet you experience the same thing I do.

Sometimes I start following somebody, and the next time I go through my timeline, they have 15 tweets all in the same minute.  My screen is filled with nothing but their tweets.

Now That Gets My Attention, but it’s negative attention.  It’s disruptive.

So many of the self-proclaimed social media gurus are saying that Social Media is the antithesis of disruptive marketing.  And yet, we have disruptive garbage like this.

I’m betting that those idiot machine-gun tweeters don’t like it when their own tmielines are filled with somebody else’s repetetive tweets.  So why do they do it?

I highly recommend you don’t.  This goes back to the fundamentals of Selling in the Brave New World.  “Are you talking about yourself or engaging me?”

To start a conversation, we usually need to stimulate interest, no doubt.  But focus too much on yourself, and you turn prospects off… in a sales call or a Twitter timeline.

Disrupt Buyers on Twitter, and they can find the “Unfollow” button in your profile as easily as they can find the “Delete” button in their own Inbox.  Or if they’re motivated by number of followers, they might just park you in some unimportant category, where you won’t be stimulating interest.

But where there is darkness, there is light, Buddha.  These disruptive tweeters have inspired me to create a little tongue twister in under 140 characters.  I’ve been tweeting it the last day or so.  (Sporadically, of course).  Here goes:

The New Disruptive Marketing, A Twitter Tongue Twister.  Too many tweeters tweet twelve tweets in twenty seconds.

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