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Toastmasters: Re-Branded & Cool

Annual Convention Meets (New) Brand Expectation

I'm just back from the Toastmasters 2011 International Convention in Vegas, my first. And I had a blast!

I've video-blogged about the Toastmasters re-branding, some of the workshops I attended, the International Speech Contest and everyone's darling and my good friend, Olivia Schofield.


Olivia, District 59/Continental European champ made us Euro-based Toastmasters proud by nailing two great speeches in the Regional Semi-Final and the Final, but "timing-out" in the Final. The way she handled it was graceful and… cool.

Special mention to fellow Euro Toastmaster Bob Mohl, who coached Olivia leading up to the conference and whom I failed to mention in the video, along with others in the movement who played a big role in making it a great conference.

ToastmastersVegasDancingCamille-Aug2011 Oh, yeah. I didn't mention this in the video, either. The convention ended with a bang. Much like we're accustomed to doing on Saturday nights at the District 59 Euro Conference, the International Conference ends with a Gala Dinner. It got funky.

Just check out this pic. Cool.

I'm going back next year.