Successful Entrepreneurs Think Beyond Closing Deals

Successful Entrepreneurs Think Beyond Closing Deals

“If you want to build a long-term successful enterprise, you don’t close
a sale, you open a relationship.”

– Patricia Fripp


I’ve seen Patricia Fripp’s quote expressed in various ways from different sources, like, “Don’t celebrate closing a sale.  Celebrate opening a relationship.”

In the intensely competitive Brave New World, this is the only way to survive… and thrive!

If prospective clients sense that you’re simply after a sale, they’ll pull a 180 and run.  They need to feel that their vendor-partners are there to help them solve a problem, exploit an opportunity, or fulfill a need.

“Trust” is the biggest word in sales today.  This implies being there for the long-haul… long after the deal-making is done.


Post Script:  I’ve just learned that Patricia Fripp is a fellow Toastmaster and is active internationally.  But it gets even better.  Her brother, Robert Fripp, was the guitarist for English progressive rock group, King Crimson.  I vividly remember “I Talk To The Wind” from their 1969 album, “In The Court of the Crimson King.”  Couldn’t resist including it here!



Photo by www.fripp.com