About Jack

Jack Vincent PhotoI help you sell more effectively.

From integrating the S.C.O.R.E© Selling Method into your sales model to ensuring that you’re ready to implement it with results, my obsession is helping you win new customers and sell more effectively.

I deliver high-impact keynotes.

If the audience is happy then conference organizers and corporate event organizers are happy. But to be honest, “happy” isn’t good enough. I go for “ecstatic”

I tell stories for brands.

The tools of great literature can – and should – be woven into brand storytelling. But your brand won’t be the hero; your customer will be the hero. Your brand will be the mentor. (And that’s where the value is!)

So let me tell you about my first love.

Writing was my first love. Then I hit puberty, and it was all downhill after that.

Yeah, I’m a hopeless romantic. With that comes the yin-yang of my biggest asset and my biggest flaw in one: I’m an over-communicator.

Upon leaving Syracuse University with a degree in magazine journalism, I worked for a year as features editor on my hometown newspaper near Woodstock NY.  

Then love called louder than the career.

I bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona, Spain, and moved in with my girlfriend. My Spanish was limited, my Catalan was non-existent, and journalists weren’t easily employable. Good move, huh?

Fortunately, the world of international marketing communications had room for an over-communicator. Since then I’ve worked on some pretty cool stuff: from helping Spanish wine exporters promote and sell their wines in North America, to selling TV rights and worldwide sponsorships to the Olympic Games, World Cup Football/Soccer, and the ATP Men’s Tennis Tour.

On my first day on the job selling the Worldwide Olympic sponsorships… 

I was asked to go home, pack a bag and get to the airport. I had to pitch an Olympic sponsorship to a global corporation the next morning. Their marketing team was having an offsite in Copenhagen, and agreed to see us. My job was to represent the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games Organizing Committee and pitch their portion of the worldwide sponsorship rights.

“Say what?”

Knowing only the top-line of the business at that point, I prepared a few simple slides (um, overhead transparencies) and the next day I gave a very simple presentation.

It worked.

The pitch turned into a robust conversation! 

I came away with one of my biggest lessons in selling. In a pitch, you’re not there to close a deal; you’re there to open a relationship. Both parties came away with a lot of questions to answer.

Three months later, the sponsor signed.

No, I didn’t do it alone. I did it with a great team, and that was another lesson. Your credibility and your trustworthiness skyrocket when the prospect sees a great team. Lone wolf superstars need not apply!

I’ve lived in five countries and have had as many career tweaks.

Tweaks is an understatement. Reinventions.

They haven’t always been comfortable. But they’ve defined me.

Today, I divide my time between my home region of Woodstock NY, my kids’ hometown of Luzern Switzerland and the country I really love, Spain – this time, Madrid.

I’ve looped back to writing and public speaking… and love.

My mission is to help companies sell more effectively… 

… to get customers to fall in love with you, to trust you, to happily buy from you.  

Best practices in sales comes down to many tools and skills, and one mindset, one heart set. In order to get customers to love you, you simply have to fall in love with them first.

A Sale Is A Love Affair. 

Let’s talk about love and sales. Contact me here and let’s set up a call.

Or just give me a call! +41 76 43 43 043.