The True Masters

What a great quote I just came across.  “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer insists.”  (Eric Hoffer)  I wouldn’t suggest for a minute that we should throw all our proven tactical tools out the window, but this does align with “Selling in the Brave New World,” and staying alert to shifting paradigms in not only buyer needs, but buyer psyche.

It also reminds me of another quote I stumbled upon during my journey in to the eastern philosophies a few years ago: “The true master is an eternal student.”  Indeed, I think I met “the grasshopper” once

at a workshop I facilitated a few years ago.

As the two-day session ended and participants stuffed their briefcases and headed for the airport, John approached me.  “Jack, I really enjoyed it,” he said.  “I learned one new thing this morning, and you touched upon other areas that, I must admit, I’ve been getting a bit lazy about using.  I’m going to use them on some of my active prospects.  Thanks,” and he bolted for his taxi.

Of course that pleased me, and as I sat down for a de-brief with my sponsor, I said, “That John seems like he’s going to put some of this to work immediately.”

“Oh, he’s our best salesperson in Europe,” she said.  “Every year he brings in the most new business, and his existing clients stick with us.  He’s a true master.”

Yep, “true master.”  Those were her words.  And John isn’t shy about being an eternal student, either, I thought.  One day, he’ll inherit the earth.