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Toastmasters Chisinau Conference – Storytelling Workshop

A quick video hello from Upstate New York to my Fellow Toastmasters in Chisinau, Moldova. I’m looking forward to being a part of your Spring 2015 Conference and providing a workshop on Storytelling.

It’s a beautiful spring day in Upstate New York. I was motivated to send a warm greeting to my Fellow Toastmasters in Chisinau, Moldova in advance of the Spring Conference.

On Friday evening, 24 April, I’m pleased to deliver a keynote on my personal journey in Toastmasters.

Communicators that we are, it’s a joy to deliver workshops for large audiences that Toastmasters conferences provide. It’s also been a joy to compete in competitions, be a conference chair, and simply attend my club meetings at Toastmasters Zug in Switzerland every second week.

mI’ve made friends across Europe, on a personal and business level. I’ll give you some of my highlights of ten years as a Toastmaster, and illustrate some of the doors that have been opened as a result of it. The sky’s the limit in Toastmasters!

On Saturday, I’ll provide a Storytelling workshop.

I’m a big fan of the Hero’s Journey. It’s a format for storytelling that is used in everything from Star Wars, The Matrix and Harry Potter. The beauty is that you can use this format for telling compelling stories in your business and career ventures, too, and certainly in your sales efforts with new prospects. It touches people’s hearts!

My Storytelling workshop will, in fact, be called Coffee With JK Rowling. I believe Rowling was absolutely masterful in writing Harry Potter. She used all the tools of great writing — plot, character, symbolism and theme — and you can use them in your speeches and presentations.

Throughout seven books, Rowling used 1,080,000 words… to say three. I’ll tell you what those three words are in Chisinau.

Make no mistake. I’m looking forward to the other workshops, too — not to mention the contests and hanging out with my friends in Chisinau.

As most of you know, Kamran Derakhshan and I supported Toastmasters Chisinau in forming the club back in 2011. My visit to the club in October 2011 was a memory I’ll never lose.

We had a lot of fun then and I made dozens of friends. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, and making more friends. I know we’ll have fun!

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