Customer-Focus Means “Conversations, Not Pitches”

Customer-Focus Means “Conversations, Not Pitches”

I regularly check out the blog of my Fellow Toastmaster and public speaker extraordinaire,
John Zimmer.

If you haven’t checked it out, you should.  John’s blog, Manner of Speaking  is a real resource, with a wealth of tips and perspectives.

John recently posted a piece regarding guru Seth Godin’s (photo on right) view on presentations.  The essence of the piece is something that all sales people should be thinking… and doing.  And that is, don’t present when you don’t have to.

Instead, enter in to dialogues, two-way discussions.  This should be your first option.  I personally feel that even if a buyer expects a presentation in a first meeting out of habit, don’t be shy about doing the unexpected and having a… real conversation!

If you absolutely must make a presentation, then do so the way that Seth suggests, and see John Zimmer’s post on Seth Godin .

I’ll be posting more on this very topic, because I feel it’s the essence of true customer-focused selling.  But even John Zimmer, who loves presenting, understands that the presentation should be used economically. Then, when you do present, be great.  Like John!