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Passion Tells. Conviction Sells.

Passion Tells. Conviction Sells.

Passion tells the prospect about you. Conviction sells the prospect, because it’s customer-focused.

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“Passion” is one of the most overused words in business.

Nowhere do you hear it more than in the world of solopreneurs and startups… and we’re the ones who have to sell in order to survive… in order to succeed.

It’s my firmest belief that talking about your passion isn’t helping you succeed with prospects.

I, myself, am passionate about a lot of things, like music… and skiing…

I’m passionate about sex, for god’s sake. Do you care? Does it impact you?

When you discuss your passion…

… are you hoping that prospects are going to get all… passionate… about your passion?

Prospects don’t care about your passion. I’m sorry.

If you say you’re passionate about helping clients achieve this or that, sure, it’s better than not being passionate about it. Of course.

But do you know what customers really want more than your passion?

Your conviction.

What prospects and customers really care about is how you can help them, and how good you are at it. And this is where passion ends and conviction starts.

Conviction, of course, has multiple meanings.

I’m talking about these: “a fixed or firm belief,” or “the state of being convinced,” especially this last one, the state of being convinced.

That’s what your conviction does. It helps convince people, prospects, customers. In order for them to be convinced, you have to be convinced. You have to have conviction.

Your passion doesn’t really convince them.

Conviction is, well, more convincing. So I hereby propose we all change the word “Passion,” in these circumstances, at least, to “Conviction.”

So I hereby propose we all change the word…

… “passion,” in these circumstances, at least, to “conviction.”

If you’re excited about a business area that you’re bringing to the marketplace, or that you’re trying to bring to the marketplace, change that word “passion” to “conviction,” or to “being convinced” that you can help the marketplace.

Beyond the word, make it your mission, your value-add. Then, go out and sell with conviction.

Because your business success depends on your sales success.

And your sales success is where I’m convinced I can help you.

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