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Best Salesperson in Switzerland

This guy gets my vote for the best salesperson I’ve met in Switzerland.¬† He is¬†Swiss, but I’m not categorizing him as the best Swiss salesperson, either.¬† He’s the best salesperson of¬†any nationality, living in Switzerland.

And he’s approachable (good salespeople should be, right?).¬† He’s not in a flashy office, or traveling the Swiss town and country in a flashy car.¬† He’s working the shop floor, literally.¬† He works¬†at Manor, yep the department store.¬† You’ll find Herr Mueller at Manor’s Emmen Center outlet, on the second floor, in the sporting goods department.

Here’s one reason Mueller gets my vote.¬† He

loves his work.¬† Loves it.¬† And he loves people who love the outdoors, meaning his customers.¬† He’s got the easiest-going smile.¬† Unassuming, but confident.¬† Maybe I’m a sucker, but I find myself trusting him as he’s still approaching.¬† He also¬†dresses the part.¬† In the winter, you’ll find him wearing a fleece zip-up and good walking shoes.¬† He skis, he treks, he¬†sleds.¬† When there’s no snow, you can bet he’s hiking somewhere above 2,000 meters.

You’re not such an extreme sportsman?¬† No worries.¬† He genuinely wants to hear about your activities, then he puts himself in your, um… hiking shoes.

My son needed a pair of ski boots going in to this season, so our first stop was Manor.¬† Mueller was there, and my son warmed right up to him, answering¬†Mueller’s questions with a big smile on his face.

Before long, we not only had the right boots for my son, but… yep… I had a new pair, too.¬† Not because¬†Mueller fast-talked me in to something I didn’t need.¬† I¬†was, in fact,¬†growing tired of my old¬†boots last season.¬† As we concluded my son’s purchase, I was so comfortable with the way everything had gone, I pitched the new boots on to myself.¬† Mueller listened intently (bingo!), asked a few more probing questions (BINGO!), nodded, and walked me over to the right boots at the right price… and only then, made a brief product explanation.¬† He backed off and let me ponder it for a while.¬† No pressure.¬† He knows I need my space.

Did Mueller build my trust in this short time?¬† Actually, he only reinforced the trust I already had.¬† In the past 16 years, I’ve bought three pairs of skis from him, and two pairs of boots.¬† I’m not alone.¬† He’s a legend in his own “space.”

Who’s your favorite salesperson?¬†— not from your work or career, but who has sold you something?¬† I’d love to hear about what made you trust him/her.

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